Optimize AdSense

Optimize AdSense

Optimize Adsense by replacing  AdSense with DoubleClick Ad Exchange. It Is guaranteed that DoubleClick  Ad Exchange will pay 30-100% more than Ad Sense. The fact that DoubleClick Ad Exchange allows placing  5 ad units instead of 3  should be enough to make a decision on the spot. Furthermore, DoubleClick Ad Exchange has premium advertisers bidding for your inventory thus paying much higher than Ad Sense. Of course, there are many articles, videos that offer different tricks and optimization tools that can help optimize Ad Sense but none of them can claim replacing Ad Sense with DoubleClick Ad Exchange is not the best choice. This fact is just unbeatable.



The best way to optimize AdSense


Undoubtedly DoubleClick Ad Exchange is the best way to optimize revenue as there is no other real way on the Internet to increase it.

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Quick Overview of AdSense Optimization



Welcome to the best AdSense Optimization strategies and techniques. In the final analysis of the key tips of AdSense Optimization tools, we have chosen the best working ones on the way to your AdSense revenue increase:

  • Increase the number of ad units and ad links on the page

– It means you should find ways to place up as much ads and contents on a page as possible. The more ad units you serve, the more opportunities you have to increase the traffic and thus boost your revenue.

  • Standard ad unit dimensions

– Even though there are many ad unit options, we will recommend you to apply the optimal ad unit dimensions (720×90, 336×280, 160×600, and the 320×100).

  • Ads are crucial to the overall formation of the site 

-The general layout of the site depends on a number of factors and ads are essential part of it. With this intention, you should do experiments to better choose the relevant design for the ads. They should comply with the site color (dark colors are most preferable for the ads). You should select the perfect place to provide the best viewability (the header is perfect).

  • Optimized targeting 

-Targeting your audience is the integral part of AdSense Optimization process. Set up Custom Channels in your AdSense account to target a specific group of people.

Provided that ad optimization process is undergoing constant evolution we have developed most productive ways of optimizing ads.  The following tips of Ad Sense optimization will help you to design and serve the highest-yielding ads:

  • Double Click Ad Exchange is highly transparent and easy-to-use: the publishers are able to choose agencies or brands to have access to their inventory.
  • Publishers can auction their bids most profitably thus obtaining a real ability to monetize their inventory at highest rates.
  • Ad Exchange connects publishers with premium buyers. It is an essential optimization tool in terms of overall revenue increase and control of your channels.
  • Furthermore, ads are paid on CPM (cost-per-impression) basis, so you will earn additional payout just for displaying ads.