Header Bidding

Header Bidding


Before discussing the advantages and the opportunities that header bidding gives, let us discuss what Header Bidding actually is and How it works.

Header Bidding is a revolutionary, novice approach to website advertising. It allows publishers to choose the best price for its available ad space through auction. The auction is conducted by various demand sources “competing” for the same inventory.


  • More Advertisers
  • Header Bidding Auction
  • The Best Price
  • Higher Ad Revenue

So, how is Header Bidding beneficial for the publishers and why should they implement this?


The answer is quite simple. Through the bidding process the publishers are able to yield more money and increase their revenues.


  • But how is this any different from the ways the site advertising works now?


Header bidding eliminates the “waterfall” problem-the sequence by which the usual ad server such as Google’s DoubleClick for Publishers chooses its buyers that is based on the rankings. When a place is available on the publisher’s website, Google’s DoubleClick for Publishers first offers the inventory to the direct-sold ads and if there is still space available it then offers it to top-ranked ad exchange. The ranking is based on various factors such as the quantity that a certain ad exchanges buys. Nonetheless, high rankings not always generate the highest revenues. The new suppliers who do not have sufficient background might offer higher rates, but the publisher may not be aware of it because of this “waterfall” effect. Thus, this sequential process causes substantial losses for publishers.



  • Advantages of Header Bid


In contrast, header bidding allows multiple demand sources of different histories and rankings to simultaneously make a bid for the same inventory. The auction is conducted for all available impressions, not only ones that are left after direct sales. Thanks to this process of bidding more demand sources are attracted to buy the space and publishers are free to choose the bid that is more beneficial to them. This enables publishers to significantly increase their income. It is estimated that only one bid source can increase publisher’s income by more than 10 percent. The popularity of the header bidding is increasing rapidly. Each day more than 150.000 publishers are willing to install Header Bidding, which once again proves the advantages of this program.





Now, that we know the advantages of Header Bidding, it is time to understand its implementations.


The implementation and utilization process might sound easy and accessible, however it is a complicated process that requires a lot of resources and qualified specialists. The inaccurate installation and management can cause many problems one of which is latency. Pre-bid calls are done before the main page is loading. Partners are sending the information to sources that involves a lot variables, and incorrect monitoring might cause page latency. Page latency is the least thing that web site owners want given the rise of ad blockers. Thus the right monitoring is key to success and increasing revenues.  Our company is eager to guide through this complex process. Our highly qualified professionals are ready to implement all of their experience and strategies to guarantee the efficient results.