DoubleClick Ad Exchange

Google DoubleClick Ad Exchange

DoubleClick Ad Exchange is a technology platform that promotes the buying and selling of media advertising inventory from various ad networks. Prices of the inventory are determined through real-time bidding. Ad Exchange connects agencies, third-party demand-side platforms and networks.

In simple words-Google AdExchange is the result of the market revolution, which is in the highest position over all the Ad Networks. It is the premium version of AdSense. If you want to increase AdSense revenue replace it with Ad Exchange…


Google Ad Exchange Advantages

There are many Ad Exchanges

but Google DoubleClick  is obviously the best choice.

  • 5 Ad units instead of 3 Ad units
  • Immediate increase of revenue 30%-100%
  • Better optimization tools
  • Premium advertisers
  • Net 30 payment
  • Free Ad server



DoubleClick Ad Exchange vs AdSense

DFP Consulting

DFP set up

Ad Exchange

Ad Exchange is an advanced technology platform which enables publishers to buy and sell ad inventory from multiple ad networks. It improves transparency and targeting through real-time auctions and is like a stock-exchange, that enables stocks to be traded in an open way. It allows the publishers to maximize the revenue from every impression.

Through Ad Exchange remarketing tag (a UI-based way)  you can best target and build your audience.

Basically, an Ad Exchange is a great pool of impressions. It enables buyers to see what price impressions are sold. Ad Exchange is a great way for publishers to have a good control on their ad marketing. In fact, many ad networks now buy their inventory from Ad Exchange. It offers a complete ad serving toolkit to manage your ads for a multiple-screen audience including streamlined trafficking, advanced forecasting, reporting and integrated revenue optimization. An ad exchange is a free ad management solution, that helps publishers to sell, schedule, deliver and measure all of their digital inventory. With a simple interface, rich feature set, Google-powered ad delivery, the publishers will be quickly on their way to maximize the value of their ad impressions.

Working with Ad Exchange publishers will have one platform, that allows managing all the web, and will have an easy-to-use interface, workflow, inventory management and forecasting systems as well.

Double Click for Publishers is the top of Ad Exchanges. Being the premium version of Ad Sense, it has access to the largest pool of advertisers paying the highest CPMs. Powerful targeting tools enable publishers to set up the required audience.

Thus the key benefits AdX can provide you are:

  • Maximum yield across multiple participating networks by auctioning off each impression to the buyer with the highest net bid.
  • When using an integrated ad server like DoubleClick for Publishers, AdX offers yield maximization across sales channel: Ad Exchange or your direct sales team. Ad Exchange looks at ads booked in your ad server and only delivers an impression when Ad Exchange has a higher net (taking into account revenue share) yield.
  • Prevention of channel conflict by managing how inventory is offered to advertisers. Ad Exchange permits you to offer a piece of inventory on a branded basis, semitransparent basis, anonymous basis, or a combination of any two. Through Ad Exchange’s Blocking rules, you can easily ban advertisers and content.
  • A single payment source. Google collects payments from advertisers and pays the seller.