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Advertising  has been one of the most important principles  in business developing. Nowadays  it continues to keep that title. The forms of advertising  have changed  a lot, but its importance and role remains the same. It has a huge importance for all types of business. Everyone knows, that the variety of advertisement is numberless, but we can identify the types, which are the most common  ones. We are not going to introduce that types, we’ll just introduce one of them. It is the most important and effective one, which gives a chance to attain potential clients. Of course, we speak of online advertising, which is the new version, but has a very big section and grows faster than the others. In our days, the online advertising has a large scale due show its effectiveness. And the chances that the online advertising gives with managing, has a big success. The construction of online advertising is various and gives great opportunities. For using that variety and to have success you should be able to manage the ads in the right way. There are multiple  tricks on the internet to use the varieties of online advertising, but the best way is the Ad Server for using that, and the best one of Ad Servers is DoubleClick For Publishers by Google. DFP gives a chance for publishers to place ads by AdNetworks and target the clients in the best way.

For example: in fact, DFP is like a payment programme. we all know that the supermarkets also can work without that programme in a simple way, by just giving and taking money, but in practice it’s impossible without program .Just the same with  DFP, if you want to manage advertising in a proper  way, and to get the highest results you have to use DFP.