DFP Server


DFP Server

DoubleClick for publishers is an ad management solution that helps developing publishers sell, schedule, manage and deliver their ad inventory whether they deliver ads to websites,

Advantages DFP can give you:

  • Integral – it composes mobile and video advertising, you can manage, schedule and deliver all the ad inventory,
  • Revenue optimization – boost the AdSense revenue with the useful toolkit system,
  • Facilitated inventory management system,
  • Powerful targeting tools,
  • Streamlined trafficking,



DoubleClick for publishers server

DFP allows you to sell ad space on your website more effectively and helps you generate more revenue.   DFP requires no installation or download thus any publisher who has an active Ad Sense account can sign up to obtain a DFP account. And once you are signed-in to  DFP, you are signed in a particular network. Your DFP network is where you generate your ad inventory, deliver your ads and traffic your advertising campaigns.

Each piece of inventory created in DFP can be targeted by some ad campaigns. These ad units are the space in your content where you are to deliver your ads.

DFP generates ad tags for each ad units and ad tags are placed into your webpage. When you have a visitor at your content, the tags identify each ad unit and request ads from DFP server.