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What Is Targeted Online Advertising And How Does It Work?

Targeted Online Advertising: They say our world is divided into drivers and pedestrians and often these two groups dislike each other. That’s because of different objectives and behavior. And it happens that the online world has a similar division: users who are meant to absorb ads and users who deal with serving these adstargeted online advertising

Needless to say that online advertising brings much profit, that’s why it is still there and that’s why it gets more and more sophisticated.

Online ads are getting more and more targeted. That means that the net gathers all information about you and uses it to determine your tastes and behavior –  present and future.


What is Targeted Online Advertising and How Does It Work?

First party and third party cookies, data about you on social media platforms, purchase history and other sources all provide necessary information in order to serve you the right ad. targeted online advertising

And that is called targeted online advertising. Once there is enough information, you may see those ads irrespective the websites you visit. You may have noticed it or no, but it is there. All is done automatically and in seconds. This is very good for marketers and advertisers since it makes the ads timelier and measurable, more cost effective. That is obvious already.

But what about the people whom targeted online advertising is aimed at? Personalized Ads

It became obvious that the ever growing ocean of ads has bought a negative effect. Ad blockers now are viewed as a serious threat to the profitable business of online advertising. Why people use them? Do they find ads irritating and annoying? targeted online advertising

Researchers at Stanford for example have found that more personalized ads were less effective as people felt they are being exploited and naturally did not like it. It is the same if a seller at a market will run after you everywhere and make you buy its product. In the end you may find yourself really disgusted and who knows what you may do to that seller.

As a recommendation the Stanford researches advised to take “less is more” approach to make the ads more spontaneous and less strictly personalized since it creates suspicion and a sense of exploitation. One thing is evident – ads will profoundly change in the future and certainly will become more acceptable and even wanted.


Ad Placement Overview: The Best 5 Ad Placement Techniques

Choosing the right ad placement means the difference between an ad which your users will notice and an ad which they will just skip over. It is basically crucial to keep in mind the user experience and certain program policies when placing ads on your site. We have developed some strategies below to maximize your ad performance.

Here are the Best 5 Ad Placement Techniques

  1. Acknowledge your audience ad placement

Make your site easy to navigate through a logical content structure. You should consider the user’s goal of visiting your site, the sequence of their actions while exploring the site, the focal point, the way the ads should be integrated without hindering the user’s way, thus making the page clean, uncluttered and attractive.

Try to think from the point of view of the user: if the user faces no difficulty in finding what they are looking for or for what they have visited your site they will come again and again.

2. Choose an ad style which is read easily by your users.

Again, bear in mind the three basic policies of online ad placements:

-Blend – make the background and borders of your ads the same color as the background of the page where the ad is placed.

-Complement – make use of the colors existing on the site but never misapply them.

– Contrast – select colors that stand out against the background of the site.


3.Ads should look like ads ad placement

Definitely, the ad colors should complement the site but try not to align images with your ads.

  • Never mislead your users

Sometimes it is fetching to call the ads “resources” or to place them just below your site’s headings but never use heading which may mislead your users. Users also must never confuse them with options like a menu, download links or navigation. Believe they will lose the trust and credibility in your site. Ad units may either be called “Advertisements” or “Sponsored links”.

  • Never grudge the time to make the last survey of every detail in your site

Provide some more minutes to survey your site thoroughly to better figure out the impressions your users will get first visiting your site. Take extra care to check whether the ad placements are chosen correctly including their labels (“Ads by Google” or “Ad choices”) and make sure it is no irritating or troublesome job for your users to find what they need in your site or distinguish between the ads and content.

Ad Placement Policies: 5 Ad Units Instead of 3 Ad Units

Revolutionary solutions are offered by DoubleClick AdExchange – now you can place up to 5 AD UNITS instead of 3, thus radically increasing  your revenue by 30 – 100%…

You just have to get access to DoubleClick AdExchange to boost your revenue by placing up/running 5 ad units instead of 3 ads: no doubt, it is a great contribution to your growing online business.

Google source

Feature Ad Exchange AdSense
Anonymity Ability to make your inventory available in a branded, semitransparent, anonymous or a combination of any two. No anonymous option.
Preferred Deals Deals interface allows you to set up Preferred Deals for fixed CPMs with buyers or Private Auctions with floor prices with multiple buyers. No possibility to set up Preferred Deals.
Number of ad units Ad Exchange allows five ad slots per page. AdSense allows three ad units per page.


Provided that Adsense advertisers are allowed to place up to 3 ad units per page (sometimes the second ad unit may perform better than the third one thus causing great inconveniences both to the publishers and the advertisers), DoubleClick AdExchange can become an irreplaceable tool for your revenue growth. Surfing the internet you can find a number of tricks helping to increase the number of ad units but they are not applicable to all cases – you always run the risk that your account may be banned or you may have other difficulties.     Moreover, having premium advertisers and real-time bidding (RTB) DoubleClick AdExchange helps to better monetize your website. Statistics show that 5 ad units radically increase the revenue by 30 – 100%. ad units

How to run 5 ad units instead of 3

Thus, you should simply get access to  DoubleClick AdExchange,  and boost your revenue by placing up 5 ad units instead of 3 ads: no doubt, it’s a great contribution to your growing online business. Just you have to choose the best way of increasing your revenue…

Why Should Online Advertising Be An Integral Part Of Your Online Presence?

Welcome to the Chase Media LLC guide of online advertising!

This guideline may be helpful for those who are selling or buying ads. Before online advertising was rather simple both in terms of the advertising and the way it was served.   Advertisers had just to pay to place up a simple banner ad on a website. The prices were based on the number of unique website visitors who could see the ad.

Gradually, ad serving systems and technologies were upgraded thus making things easier both for publishers and advertisers. Standard ad sizes came into use: the first banner ad to become common was 468X60.

Nowadays, the online advertising

technology system is growing faster and faster. There are multiple types of advertising: online advertising

  • Sponsorship advertising is a type of online advertising when a company pays to be associated with a specific event.
  • Banner ads are a form of advertising on the World Wide Web delivered by an ad serv This form of online advertising entails embedding an advertisement into a web page. It is intended to attract traffic to a website by linking to the website of the advertiser.
  • Affiliate marketing is internet advertising that allows any online business to affiliate themselves with website owners (known as affiliates or publishers) using affiliate  Affiliates make money by generating sales ,leads and traffic for the Merchants business.
  • Pay-per-click advertising (PPC)  is a model of internet marketing in which advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked.
  • Cost-per-impression or cost- per -thousand impression (CPM) advertisements are another way of making money with your website or blog. Most of the Websites are today depended on Google Ad Sense but having another source of revenue can help you earn more.

Thus, the specific method selected depends on the kind of the website it is placed up on, the targeted audience and the demand of the advertisers. Advertisers can target users with hundreds of parameters from demographic data (age, gender, income, level of education, etc) to browsing preferences and social behavior.

If you are looking for the best platform to reach your customers first you have to find the highest yielding way of online advertising.

You may ask how do I know which is the best platform for my business? online advertising

Thus,  Ad Exchange and Ad Sense are both powerful tools to sell and buy your ad inventory. They both provide access millions of buyers; Ad Exchange is built for publishers to facilitate the buying and selling of media advertising inventory from multiple ad networks. Prices for the inventory are determined through bidding.

Again, who participates in the Ad Exchange?

  • The large online publishers/sellers – websites like portals, entertainment sites and news sites.
  • Ad network and agency holding companies that operate networks/buyers – companies that connect websites with advertisers.

Sign up to DoubleClick Ad Exchange

DoubleClick Ad Exchange is Google’s premium version of Ad Sense. Once offered to only premium publishers, AdX is now available to smaller publishers via Chase Media LLC. It is the simplest way to maximize profits from your site without no effort and control to your ad program, but the results can be utmost rewarding. The impact on your revenue will show up in short time.

Successful Digital Buying

How to make sure your digital buying is successful? successful digital media buying Though it’s hard to foresee the future, but certain procedures ensure that the process will lead to success. We are ready to share with you as to how it is done.




How to make sure your digital buying is successful?

1. Objectives.successful digital buying First of all we should define what we want to achieve from the campaign (more visitors, page view, clicks, leads, etc) and also the appropriate metrics to measure the performance and outcomes as to the expected results.


2. Budget Considerations:Successful Digital Buying Having a clear understanding of the campaign budget will allow to better determine and define the strategy (next step) and to target the campaign more specifically as to the means allocated.


3.  Strategy: Successful Digital Buying We determine what media channels will work best for you, whether it is TV, Radio, Billboard, websites and how the message will be distributed. Also the format of the message be it video, images, audio, rich media, etc…


4. Knowing the clients:  Successful Digital BuyingWe shall identify your target market and understand your customer, Important date includes age, status, and the location of your visitors, what motivates them, do they know your brand, do they need it, what websites they visit and how often.


5. Selecting the best Vendors: digital buyingAs the name tells itself, we contact as many vendors and negotiate with them to ensure you get the right vendor according to your expectations and the correct space for the characteristics of your campaign.


6. Tracking and Analyzing.Successful Digital Buying Getting statistics is vital to understand how the campaign is doing and to calculate the ROI. Figures are convincing more than mere assumptions.


7. Programmatic buying:Successful Digital Buying Today hardly any digital campaign runs without programmatic buying. Thus your message will get the ideal target audience with the help of automated algorithms.



We have specialized in successful digital buying, contact us with your ideas and we shale take care about the rest of the process.