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Looking For DBM Sign Up

Are you looking for DBM sign up? We already know your answer.

DBM stands for DoubleClick Bid Manager. DBM and other DoubleClick products (DFP, AdX) assigned to a Google account and if you want to access DBM, you need to ask Google or Google partner company to enable/create a DBM account for your Google account. See the steps below for DBM sign in:

  1. Ask Google or Google partner company to assign a DBM account to your Google account
  2. Log in to your Google account for which you have assigned a DBM
  3. Type on the browser and you will see the DBM

Looking For DBM Sign Up

Looking For DBM Sign Up? How to assign/create a DBM account for your Google account?

Only Google or Google partner company can give users access to DBM. If you are spending considerable amount on advertising (more than $100,000) you can try to contact DoubleClick representative. Even if you spend more than $100k monthly on advertising, it’s not guaranteed that you will be given a DBM since Google is giving DBM only to companies or big advertisers.

Another option to get a DBM is Google partner companies and if you are not spending much on advertising this is the best option, because getting a DBM account from Google directly is not an easy work. The difference between a DBM account from Google and Partner Company is, of course, the percent (fees). Usually Google charges 15% of the monthly spent but with Partner company you will pay 7-15% more. Although parents DBM is much more effective than AdWords


Google DBM is a demand marketing platform that allows people to have programmatic display campaigns. With its help all the advertisers will have the opportunity to set up media advertising in automatic regime that will let them augment the effectiveness to the full potential.

DoubleClick Bid Manager is a customer leading platform by Google. It is based on Google global infrastructure and is fully integrated with DoubleClick Digital Marketing. It gives access to the exclusive ad inventory in real-time regime in display format, on different videos and mobile devices.

As the best tool in the world of program purchases, DBM gives you an amazing opportunity to reach an optimal level in your bids, targeting and optimization.

  • Targeting and optimization
  • Possibility to put on ads on all digital devices
  • Bonus video-inventory
  • Protection from fraud with the help of DoubleClick Verification
  • Valuable data in real-time regime and analytics


  • Bargain Elite Technology – target your existing and potential clients on the basis of demographic characteristics, interests and readiness to purchase something, using Google data. Besides that the advertisers are able to look for users with the help of HTML5 Support and mobile targeting.
  • Campaign fine control – develop and control your campaigns with the help of advanced Google algorithms to set up and optimize all your bids in order to reach all your goals in your campaign.
  • Conversion Funnel analytics and evaluation – using all your analytical data, see how effectively your ad companies run the audience and whetehr they turn into potential clients.
  • Simplified process of your purchase – DBM lets the advertisers set, launch and evaluate the effectiveness of ad campaigns on desktop, mobile device and video.
  • «All in one» solution– guaranteed deals, direct transaction and public auction
  • Bonus video-inventory – purchase traffic with the help of Google Partner Select by DBM.


If you have a Google Account and linked DBM, you are able to have the sign up. DBM and all other Google DoubleClick products are automatically linked to your Google Account. And when looking for DBM sign up it is essential to know that you don’t specifically need anything else. DBM is assigned to Google Access. You will have the access to DBM if your Google Account enables that just for you.

If you are looking for DBM sign up just create a Google page, create a Google Account. There are some ways for your account to get access to DBM.

The first way for you is to enable your Google access to DBM; however that is a very hard thing to do. If you are just a person, starting from scratch, it might be impossible. Google enables the DBM access to only big companies and some HUGE advertisers who are ready to spend enormous amounts of money on that. If you are an ordinary person, you won’t have access to that so easily. However, don’t get so sad; in your journey of looking for DBM sign up, there is another way to get the DBM access. It is rather easy, time saving and in fact cheaper. You are able to get your access through some Partner companies. One of these companies is Chase Media LLC. This company will give you the access to your desired DBM. Chase Media LLC will be the perfect place for you to reach your goal with DoubleClick Bid Manager. So when looking for DBM sign up you should apply for DBM with Chase Media LLC. This company will do their best to enable your access to DBM as quickly as possible.

So, if you are not a founder of a big ad company and you don’t have huge amounts of money, but you are looking for DBM sign up, apply for it through Chase Media LLC. That will be the best decision that you have made in your whole entire life.