Google DBM

Google DBM

Google DBM – If you are eager to expand your digital marketing programmatic display is just what you need and with the help of Google  DBM (Google DoubleClick Bid Manager) you will be able to create programmatic display campaigns and have some bid targets.  If you start using all the features of Google DBM  you will also be able to report efficiency of your campaigns.



DBM Google

Google DBM is a demand side-marketing platform that lets people create programmatic display campaigns. It is very connected and even integrated into DoubleClick Digital Marketing platform.

With the help of Google DBM all kinds of agencies and advertisers have the opportunity to set up media advertising in automatic regime which allows to increase its effectiveness to its full potential, because the auctions are happening in real time and on one single platform.

For all the advertisers Google DBM Premium Package is also available which gives access to extra system functions, that is work with “dynamic creativity”, that actually allows to increase the effectiveness of the campaign, showing a banner with a relevant product to the user, who has already visited the web-site. Google DBM also has wider possibilities for targeting and of course look-alike targeting. This targeting gives the possibility to increase the campaign in real-life. That is connected with the fact that it is trying to find an audience that is already very similar to the loyal audience of the advertiser.



Google DBM

  • With the help of Google DBM, you will be able to quickly find potential customers based on the interest, social data etc.
  • Google DBM provides a transparent report system. With that you will be able to check where your ad is shown and how much it actually costs.
  • Google DBM is working on algorithms that quickly optimize all the rates and it also helps you reach the targets that you have in mind
  • Google DBM is there to help you create cross-screen campaigns. These can be rather complex, however their management should not be. With the help of Google DBM you will be able to easily create campaigns across mobile, video etc. and all that at the same time.
  • Google DBM gives safety filters which provide you with the control of the website.



If you actually decided to spend some of your funds on programmatic advertising, then Google DBM has some strategies that will be very important for you to know.

  • Pre-launch planning

Before you launch a campaign you have to do some planning beforehand. Google DBM gives some good info on potential reach that you are able to find in the Availability Report. That is an amazing feature in order to have a rough idea what to expect from various targeting options.

·         Start With Remarketing

You have to install Remarketing Insertion Order in your Google DBM. With that you will be able to break down the public lists with the use of some pixels or just one pixel to create a bigger audience for the Order. You will be notified with an alert in your Google DBM interface that will show you how many impressions you are able get with the bids that were increased.

Marketplace in Google DBM gives you the opportunity to plan and purchase some premium data from one easy interface.

In conclusion, that goal of Google DBM is to help the advertiser to purchase ads during real-time auctions. Google DBM is co-working with DoubleClick Search and Campaign Manager. The advantages of Google DBM are setting bids in real-time regime and automatic optimization, optimizing bids on the basis of geo-targeting data, different sites and other factors and the opportunity to pre-evaluate the quantity on each stock with the help of more than twenty types of targeting. So if you want to go forward, if you want to develop and go viral, Google DoubleCLick Bid Manager is what you actually need in your life.

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