Ad Exchange – DoubleClick Ad Exchange Benefits

Ad Exchange – DoubleClick Ad Exchange Benefits

The newly developed tech platform Ad Exchange i.e. AdX (Double Click Ad Exchange) expedites the process of buying and selling media advertising inventory. To have a better comprehension of why to choose this platform let’s go through the Ad Exchange advantages.

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Ad Exchange Advantages # 1 Transparency Ad Exchange

There are ad networks which do not allow their customers to see the sites that serve them. Ad exchange provides transparency so that advertisers can see the sites. Moreover, sometimes they can even see the pages they are running on. That is, they give a clear picture of where their ads will run.

Ad Exchange Advantages # 2 Targeting

If you want to advertise something, the foremost thing you should take into account is the target group, including the existing and potential customers. So, ad exchange offers various target options, ranging from day-parting, geographic locations, site category and rating, language and so on. Due to AdX, you can even create a mix option for your customers.

Ad Exchange Advantages # 3 StandardizationAd Exchange

One of the reasons for the efficiency of AdX is the standardization. It means that ad sizes are uniform, and the process of buying and selling is simple. There will be a single bill.

Ad ExchangeAd Exchange Advantages # 4 Real-Time

Unlike other tools of online advertising, ad exchange provides real-time reporting. This gives an opportunity to see what is happening right now. Everyone wants to know what is going on. So, technology platform of AdX allows controlling the process.


Ad Exchange Advantages # 5 ControlAd Exchange

Online advertising includes finding sites to advertise on, comparing prices and searching for availability. Many ad networks do this job for ad agencies. However, ad agencies want to have control on the process and search the best choice for themselves. So, ad exchange provides all the resources so that agencies can do it easily. Moreover, you can control minimum prices for impressions.

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Ad Exchange Advantages # 6 Optimization

Last but not least, an advantage of Ad Exchange is optimization. It serves as an Ad Sense optimization. Remember that it’s good advertising that makes money. Earn money with Ad Exchange.

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