What is Ad Trafficking? Why It Is So Important?

What is Ad Trafficking? Why It Is So Important?

To get started, let’s see what ad trafficking is!

Actually, the definition of ad trafficking refers to the technical process of building up an ad campaign in the most efficient way. It assumes selling advertising services to publishers to let them obtain higher income rates.

Ad Trafficking– How does it take place?



Ad trafficking is carried by an ad trafficker through an ad server aiming at attracting traffic to a particular website which is linked to the advertiser’s website. Once a campaign is created, ad units and tools alike are submitted and located on strategic places on specific websites, that are most likely to attract consumers’ attention. Thus, those interested may click on the ad and be automatically redirected to a web site which offers either more detailed information on the product or sale.

One bright example is pop-up ads which appear on web sites whenever consumers visit them in order to find related information.

Who does ad trafficking benefit? 

ad trafficking

Overall, ad trafficking benefits different types and sizes of businesses as it is relatively cheap and even small businesses having small revenues and budgets may get a chance to yield higher revenues from it. It is also a good opportunity for companies which are situated in far or mortar locations to attract audience who would never learn about them if it were not for ad-trafficking.



Ad trafficking – What should we start with? 

ad trafficking

In the framework of cooperation, the trafficker and the client negotiate to create a successful online advertising campaign.  Firstly, it is important to agree on the ad formats beforehand, thus enhancing chances to attract the target audience. In addition, they need to discuss the location of ads on websites and pricing models. Furthermore, it is crucial for traffickers to increase clicks and focus on click-through rate which is often shortly referred to CTR. This will enable to see how many people find the ad attractive enough to click on it.


So, looking to grow your business and revenues in a cheap and efficient manner? Then, get immediately started with ad trafficking!


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