What Is Targeted Online Advertising And How Does It Work?

What Is Targeted Online Advertising And How Does It Work?

Targeted Online Advertising: They say our world is divided into drivers and pedestrians and often these two groups dislike each other. That’s because of different objectives and behavior. And it happens that the online world has a similar division: users who are meant to absorb ads and users who deal with serving these adstargeted online advertising

Needless to say that online advertising brings much profit, that’s why it is still there and that’s why it gets more and more sophisticated.

Online ads are getting more and more targeted. That means that the net gathers all information about you and uses it to determine your tastes and behavior –  present and future.


What is Targeted Online Advertising and How Does It Work?

First party and third party cookies, data about you on social media platforms, purchase history and other sources all provide necessary information in order to serve you the right ad. targeted online advertising

And that is called targeted online advertising. Once there is enough information, you may see those ads irrespective the websites you visit. You may have noticed it or no, but it is there. All is done automatically and in seconds. This is very good for marketers and advertisers since it makes the ads timelier and measurable, more cost effective. That is obvious already.

But what about the people whom targeted online advertising is aimed at? Personalized Ads

It became obvious that the ever growing ocean of ads has bought a negative effect. Ad blockers now are viewed as a serious threat to the profitable business of online advertising. Why people use them? Do they find ads irritating and annoying? targeted online advertising

Researchers at Stanford for example have found that more personalized ads were less effective as people felt they are being exploited and naturally did not like it. It is the same if a seller at a market will run after you everywhere and make you buy its product. In the end you may find yourself really disgusted and who knows what you may do to that seller.

As a recommendation the Stanford researches advised to take “less is more” approach to make the ads more spontaneous and less strictly personalized since it creates suspicion and a sense of exploitation. One thing is evident – ads will profoundly change in the future and certainly will become more acceptable and even wanted.


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