Above The Fold (ATF) And Below The Fold (BTF) Ad Units: Viewability Strategies For Publishers

Above The Fold (ATF) And Below The Fold (BTF) Ad Units: Viewability Strategies For Publishers

Advertisements are called Above the fold or ATF if they are visible without scrolling down the page and Below the Fold or BTF if you have to scroll down to see them. above the fold

In web marketing, statistics show that ad units located above the fold receive more viewer attention than below-the-fold content. 



Above the fold (ATF) and below the fold (BTF) ad units: Does Above The Fold Really Matter?

 There are a number of instances when the location of the ad unit can be essential to website monetization, revenue increase and even SEO Strategy. above the fold

Moreover, an above-the-fold ad impression is more valuable than a below-the-fold ad impression. The difference of these two categories can be substantial: provided that every visitor who loads the page sees the ad located above the fold and such ads get 100% view rate and conversely below the fold ad units are seen only by a portion of visitors.


When designing a site, you should always bear in mind that the difference between ATF and BTF units introduces different performance proportions: the click rates between the two may vary significantly. As for ATF units, users have more time to see, read and assimilate the whole information. Meantime, never disregard the users’ experience:

  • The density of ads may appear cluttered to the visitors and they may wish to quit it quickly.
  • You may incur a penalty from Google in case you stuff the top of a Web page with ad units.

You should also provide high loading rate so that the visitors don’t leave the page before it loads.

above the foldSometimes when an ad is placed below the page it is likely to stay behind the screens and thus the income is not that high and once you move it above the fold the revenue increases radically.  The advantage of above the fold is that the users don’t have to scroll down to see your ads. Ads which are placed below the fold sometimes are ignored.

Nonetheless, there are certain strategies to drive your page visitors scroll down the page to see the BTF ad units. First, you should make your content appealing enough above the fold to motivate your visitors to wish to see what is below the fold. You can also place capturing headlines of the coming articles and topics thus making the visitors curious of what is further down the page.

Thus, here are some really good advice to bear in mind to optimize the ad unit viewability:

  • The most viewable place is not the top of the page but right above the fold,
  • The most viewable ad sizes are the vertical sizes unit, for instance 160X600,
  • Attention capturing contents tend to have the highest view ability.

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