Ad Placement Overview: The Best 5 Ad Placement Techniques

Ad Placement Overview: The Best 5 Ad Placement Techniques

Choosing the right ad placement means the difference between an ad which your users will notice and an ad which they will just skip over. It is basically crucial to keep in mind the user experience and certain program policies when placing ads on your site. We have developed some strategies below to maximize your ad performance.

Here are the Best 5 Ad Placement Techniques

  1. Acknowledge your audience ad placement

Make your site easy to navigate through a logical content structure. You should consider the user’s goal of visiting your site, the sequence of their actions while exploring the site, the focal point, the way the ads should be integrated without hindering the user’s way, thus making the page clean, uncluttered and attractive.

Try to think from the point of view of the user: if the user faces no difficulty in finding what they are looking for or for what they have visited your site they will come again and again.

2. Choose an ad style which is read easily by your users.

Again, bear in mind the three basic policies of online ad placements:

-Blend – make the background and borders of your ads the same color as the background of the page where the ad is placed.

-Complement – make use of the colors existing on the site but never misapply them.

– Contrast – select colors that stand out against the background of the site.


3.Ads should look like ads ad placement

Definitely, the ad colors should complement the site but try not to align images with your ads.

  • Never mislead your users

Sometimes it is fetching to call the ads “resources” or to place them just below your site’s headings but never use heading which may mislead your users. Users also must never confuse them with options like a menu, download links or navigation. Believe they will lose the trust and credibility in your site. Ad units may either be called “Advertisements” or “Sponsored links”.

  • Never grudge the time to make the last survey of every detail in your site

Provide some more minutes to survey your site thoroughly to better figure out the impressions your users will get first visiting your site. Take extra care to check whether the ad placements are chosen correctly including their labels (“Ads by Google” or “Ad choices”) and make sure it is no irritating or troublesome job for your users to find what they need in your site or distinguish between the ads and content.

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