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Google DBM

Google DBM – If you are eager to expand your digital marketing programmatic display is just what you need and with the help of Google  DBM (Google DoubleClick Bid Manager) you will be able to create programmatic display campaigns and have some bid targets.  If you start using all the features of Google DBM  you will also be able to report efficiency of your campaigns.



DBM Google

Google DBM is a demand side-marketing platform that lets people create programmatic display campaigns. It is very connected and even integrated into DoubleClick Digital Marketing platform.

With the help of Google DBM all kinds of agencies and advertisers have the opportunity to set up media advertising in automatic regime which allows to increase its effectiveness to its full potential, because the auctions are happening in real time and on one single platform.

For all the advertisers Google DBM Premium Package is also available which gives access to extra system functions, that is work with “dynamic creativity”, that actually allows to increase the effectiveness of the campaign, showing a banner with a relevant product to the user, who has already visited the web-site. Google DBM also has wider possibilities for targeting and of course look-alike targeting. This targeting gives the possibility to increase the campaign in real-life. That is connected with the fact that it is trying to find an audience that is already very similar to the loyal audience of the advertiser.



Google DBM

  • With the help of Google DBM, you will be able to quickly find potential customers based on the interest, social data etc.
  • Google DBM provides a transparent report system. With that you will be able to check where your ad is shown and how much it actually costs.
  • Google DBM is working on algorithms that quickly optimize all the rates and it also helps you reach the targets that you have in mind
  • Google DBM is there to help you create cross-screen campaigns. These can be rather complex, however their management should not be. With the help of Google DBM you will be able to easily create campaigns across mobile, video etc. and all that at the same time.
  • Google DBM gives safety filters which provide you with the control of the website.



If you actually decided to spend some of your funds on programmatic advertising, then Google DBM has some strategies that will be very important for you to know.

  • Pre-launch planning

Before you launch a campaign you have to do some planning beforehand. Google DBM gives some good info on potential reach that you are able to find in the Availability Report. That is an amazing feature in order to have a rough idea what to expect from various targeting options.

·         Start With Remarketing

You have to install Remarketing Insertion Order in your Google DBM. With that you will be able to break down the public lists with the use of some pixels or just one pixel to create a bigger audience for the Order. You will be notified with an alert in your Google DBM interface that will show you how many impressions you are able get with the bids that were increased.

Marketplace in Google DBM gives you the opportunity to plan and purchase some premium data from one easy interface.

In conclusion, that goal of Google DBM is to help the advertiser to purchase ads during real-time auctions. Google DBM is co-working with DoubleClick Search and Campaign Manager. The advantages of Google DBM are setting bids in real-time regime and automatic optimization, optimizing bids on the basis of geo-targeting data, different sites and other factors and the opportunity to pre-evaluate the quantity on each stock with the help of more than twenty types of targeting. So if you want to go forward, if you want to develop and go viral, Google DoubleCLick Bid Manager is what you actually need in your life.

How Ad Blocking Affects Online Advertising?

Once being the supporter of the content diversity on the web this magnificent platform; online advertising now is facing challenges it is yet to overcome to regain its initial status. Online publishing used to resemble a soccer game with ones who provide the content in one team and the ones who obtain the content i.e. consumers on the opposite side. However, here it’s a bit more complicated because ad blocking technology usually gets on the way preventing certain content from reaching its targeted audience.

ad blocking

Ad Blocking Consequences

Anti-ad blocking companies gathered together to come up with solution to how to prevent ad blocking to decrease it’s negative affect on online advertising. It is not the best thing for the consumers to have agencies and marketers throwing ads back into their lives without giving them much of choice to at least pick and choose. Surely, all users have the choice of rejecting the ad or marking it irrelevant. Only a certain number of premium ads should be displayed.



Targeting based on context should be accelerated to end the reliance on behavioral tracking. Better tools are needed to be developed to improve the online advertising framework. In other words, consumers should be allowed to express their opinions and frustrations without becoming a source of acquiring database for ad blockers. The interaction between these two won’t necessarily have a positive influence on the process.

The fact that publishers rely on generating revenue through digital marketing does not precisely mean that is the only reason this platform is prospering. It is also about providing the targeted audience with the information they seek through online advertising. Even though the companies responsible for initiating programs to block ads leaving in the market only several premium option that are displayed to everyone made certain masses happy, they also deprived some others of the opportunity to receive the information they were seeking by ad blocking.

Ad Blocking Initiating Online Advertisers to Take Action

It was a struggle for the industry to come up with necessary and proper strategies to measure the quality of ads which curtails the incentive to make good online ads. This does not reflect the true picture of online advertising in the eyes of the consumers because of being poorly constructed. Though blocking is an option to fix the mistakes made by the experts in the sphere previously it doesn’t have to mean the collapse of the online advertising world.

Besides all the faultiness ad blocking possesses it has a positive side as well; it creates a competition between the publishers to produce more informative content that is relevant to certain audience providing only them with the information. This will also educate the audience; promote freedom to choose what the content they want to receive; be given the chance to pick and choose or even subscribe.

Ad Exchange – DoubleClick Ad Exchange Benefits

The newly developed tech platform Ad Exchange i.e. AdX (Double Click Ad Exchange) expedites the process of buying and selling media advertising inventory. To have a better comprehension of why to choose this platform let’s go through the Ad Exchange advantages.

ad exchange

Ad Exchange Advantages # 1 Transparency Ad Exchange

There are ad networks which do not allow their customers to see the sites that serve them. Ad exchange provides transparency so that advertisers can see the sites. Moreover, sometimes they can even see the pages they are running on. That is, they give a clear picture of where their ads will run.

Ad Exchange Advantages # 2 Targeting

If you want to advertise something, the foremost thing you should take into account is the target group, including the existing and potential customers. So, ad exchange offers various target options, ranging from day-parting, geographic locations, site category and rating, language and so on. Due to AdX, you can even create a mix option for your customers.

Ad Exchange Advantages # 3 StandardizationAd Exchange

One of the reasons for the efficiency of AdX is the standardization. It means that ad sizes are uniform, and the process of buying and selling is simple. There will be a single bill.

Ad ExchangeAd Exchange Advantages # 4 Real-Time

Unlike other tools of online advertising, ad exchange provides real-time reporting. This gives an opportunity to see what is happening right now. Everyone wants to know what is going on. So, technology platform of AdX allows controlling the process.


Ad Exchange Advantages # 5 ControlAd Exchange

Online advertising includes finding sites to advertise on, comparing prices and searching for availability. Many ad networks do this job for ad agencies. However, ad agencies want to have control on the process and search the best choice for themselves. So, ad exchange provides all the resources so that agencies can do it easily. Moreover, you can control minimum prices for impressions.

Ad Exchange
Ad Exchange Advantages # 6 Optimization

Last but not least, an advantage of Ad Exchange is optimization. It serves as an Ad Sense optimization. Remember that it’s good advertising that makes money. Earn money with Ad Exchange.

Drive Traffic To Your Website With These 5 Easy Ways

Drive traffic to your website should be an essential tool for website publishers to succeed in monetizing their websites. You can have an outstanding built website with very engaging visuals and contents but that all wouldn’t matter if you don’t have visitors to your website.

Note: Don’t think that your website isn’t on the internet, it is but since the internet is a big multi-billion dollar industry, it is hidden in its shadows, and it is up to you to bring it forward to people’s attention.

As for now, we’re going to portray you, how you can drive traffic to your website:

How to drive traffic to your website #1 Public Relations 

drive traffic to your website


Journalists and bloggers are the best people in the media industry to publicize your website. Building a firm foundation with them can help you climb the ladder rapidly especially with the aid of bloggers, since the contents they write about your brand can attract lot of people to take a second and visit your website.



How to drive traffic to your website #2 Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

drive traffic to your website

When internet users are searching for information online, your website should have the required information so that they would access your website. For that particular reason, you should develop a strategy to improve your website’s visibility in search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, etc…)



How to drive traffic to your website # 3 Video Marketingdrive traffic to your website


Create engaging videos to explain the story behind what you’re trying to sell. Such entertaining visuals can attract audiences and bring them to your website. It is scientifically proven that audience’s interest increases when they use different senses while engaging with a story.



How to drive traffic to your website # 4 Email Lists

drive traffic to your website



Interact with your visitors in order to bring them back to your website because our aim is to keep our visitors and always bring them back. So what can be done is that you can send emails to your visitors by notifying them whenever you have new offers, or new blogs coming up.





How to drive traffic to your website #5 Social Media:drive traffic to your website

Always seek means to be active on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Quora, and LinkedIn. Here you can find your target order because social media platforms have diverse audiences with different interests and curiosity.

ATF vs BTF: Viewability In Online Advertising

ATF vs BTF – which is better? Ads are called Above the fold or ATF if they are visible without scrolling down the page and below the page if you have to scroll down to see them. In web marketing, statistics show that ad units located above the fold receive more viewer attention than below-the-fold content.

There are a number of instances when the location of the ad unit can be essential to website monetization, revenue increase and even SEO Strategy.


Moreover, an above-the-fold ad impression is more valuable than a below-the-fold ad impression. The difference of these two categories can be substantial: provided that every visitor who loads the page sees the ad located above the fold and such ads get 100% view rate and conversely below the fold ad units are seen only by a portion of visitors.

When designing a site, you should always bear in mind that the difference between ATF and BTF units introduces different performance proportions: the click rates between the two may vary significantly. As for ATF units, users have more time to see, read and assimilate the whole information. Meantime, never disregard the users’ experience:

  • The density of ads may appear cluttered to the visitors and they may wish to quit it quickly.
  • You may incur a penalty from Google in case you stuff the top of a Web page with ad units.

You should also provide high loading rate so that the visitors don’t leave the page before it loads.

The Advantages of ATF

Sometimes when an ad is placed below the page it is likely to stay behind the screens and thus the income is not that high and once you move it above the fold the revenue increases radically.  The advantage of above the fold is that the users don’t have to scroll down to see your ads. Ads which are placed below the fold sometimes are ignored.

Nonetheless, there are certain strategies to drive your page visitors scroll down the page to see the BTF ad units. First, you should make your content appealing enough above the fold to motivate your visitors to wish to see what is below the fold. You can also place capturing headlines of the coming articles and topics thus making the visitors curious of what is further down the page.

Thus, here are some really good advice to bear in mind to optimize the ad unit viewability:

  • The most viewable place is not the top of the page but right above the fold,
  • The most viewable ad sizes are the vertical sizes unit, for instance 160X600,
  • Attention capturing contents tend to have the highest view ability.

10 Things Publishers Need To Know About DFP

Here are the 10 things every publisher need to know about DFP. DoubleClick for Publishers is a comprehensive advertisement server used to manage advertisement in variety of platforms. It allows publishers to manage ads on websites, mobile webpages, apps, and even games.



Here are 10 things that will help you understand what is DoubleClick and how to implement it.

  1. 10 Things Publishers Need to Know about DFP – Google DFP is an Ad server

DoubleClick gives you an opportunity and freedom to serve ads based on your preferences and settings

  1. 10 Things Publishers Need to Know about DFP- Any web publisher can use DoubleClick

 Of course, if you meet the terms and conditions of the company.

  1. 10 Things Publishers Need to Know about DFP – DFP does not require any sort of complicated and time-consuming set ups!

Go through this link to sign up to DoubleClick for Publishers. The only thing that you need to have is an active AdSense account. After, you need to decide which one of the available accounts is the most suitable for your business.

  1. 10 Things Publishers Need to Know about DFP – DFP offers two types of accounts: DFP Small Business and DFP Premium Solution

DFP Small Business is completely free and self-managed server that enables publisher to manage their ads. While it is free, it has some limitations.

5.10 Things Publishers Need to Know about DFP – DFP Small Business is for businesses that does not exceed 90 million monthly impressions

So if you are a large publisher with complicated sales operation our next point is just for you.

  1. 10 Things Publishers Need to Know about DFP – DFP Premium Solution provides greater variety of features and customization.


Here you don’t have any restrictions on the number of impressions that you can deliver. The other advantage of the premium account is of course a better service for DFP Support team.

  1. 10 Things Publishers Need to Know about DFP – DFP Small Business is completely free, while DFP Premium Solution is not

DFP Small Business allows you to manage your absolutely ad free of charge. DFP Premium Solution, on the other hand, requires you to pay for additional ad serving volume.

  1. 10 Things Publishers Need to Know about DFP – After choosing the account that best serves your needs, DFP requires authentication


The authentication allows third-part applications to interact with web services. It also gives permission to user’s DFP client application to access user’s DFP without the need of username or password.

  1. 10 Things Publishers Need to Know about DFP – After setting your account, you need to choose the compatible ad network for your website

The key to success in the DoubleClick is the right targeting of your ads. Choosing when, where and to whom your ads appear is crucial as it is the main factor that helps you gain positive income.


  1. Get help from Chase Media LLC

 While setting up the account might sound easy, controlling and managing it is a complicated process that require skills and experience. Our consulting company is eager to help you avoid wasting resources and efforts while managing your account. Our highly skilled and experienced professionals will guide you through the process of starting your business in ad network and will give your tips and tricks to successfully earn money.

Rich Media or Native Ads? Which One To Choose And How?

Rich Media or Native Ads. You have NO CLUE? It’s a good thing we do!rich media

For the publishers facing the choice of rich media or native ads we present the characteristics of each internet advertising term. Whether you are leaning more towards rich media ads or native ads this article is to help you out.




Rich Media or Native Ads Clue #1

Highly effective in terms of being appealing to the eye rich media ads include more advanced features; video clips, audio, etc. to push the target audience to interact with the presented content.

Rich Media or Native Ads Clue #2

Native ads, on the other hand, reach out through a more organic way. The goal of this approach is to provide publicity in a discreet manner. These ads blend into the design and overall look of the website those are published on.

Rich Media or Native Ads Clue #3

rich mediaBoth the rich media ads and Native ads are intended to provide publicity. As already discussed above the difference is the approach they have. The distinguishing features, take notes, include.

  • The file size
  • The degree of audience interaction
  • The number of interactions
  • The technologies used with the ads (Java, Javascript, DHTML, etc.)


Rich Media or Native Ads Clue #4

To develop a better understanding of how to vary the two types of online ads i.e. rich media or native ads, keep in mind that natives are the kids in high school that fit in. The rich media ads though are the ones that are open to changes and diversity in terms of showing off.

Note: This comparison of rich media or native ads with common high school students is not to conceal the benefits that come with the ads and the value they have for the reader. On the contrary, the native ads, in spite of lacking superior tech elements, provide the readers with the desired information without necessarily allowing the mouse cursor, for instance, to switch into some other object when surfing the ad unit like it would in the case of rich media ads.

Rich Media or Native Ads Clue #5

Native ads are not heavy in size and are quite convenient for branding purposes. These do come in different formats ensuring ad benefits. Popular mostly among news and magazines’ websites their editorial style matches that of the publication, again, blending in with the page. The objective is no other than what each and every ad has – to accelerate brand awareness.

Rich Media or Native Ads Clue #6

Rich media ads, on the other hand, offer many more options to reach out to your audience. The optimized technology is the best option for movie advertisements for one. These allow attaching a clip or a scene from a movie to the ad that is not fixed in its place like common banners are; the ad can expand, float, hover, etc. From the appearance it makes, one can clearly judge how keen the publisher is to get his/her product out there. A better way to put it would be to state that the aim here is to elicit a stronger reaction The mouse cursor does not change into a different object when on the ad just for fun; it’s all calculated to attract the target audience.

rich mediaWhich One to Choose Then?

Which one fits better with the business you are promoting through online advertising? Through defining each term and providing you with the pros and cons of both sides we aimed to guide you through the process of choosing the one you will benefit from the most. If you are from a movie making industry or the like, the choice is obvious – rich media ads are the way to go. However, if you represent a publishing house that needs to spread awareness in less radical and dynamic manner native ads will surely do the job.  Nevertheless, the decision is yours.


We guide – You choose!

How To Make Money On YouTube?

Is it possible to make money on the Internet? And How To Make Money On YouTube? Yes, it’s more than possible! We live in an amazing era when everything can be sold and bought, even photos on Instagram. So, how to make money on YouTube? This is a question for many Internet users. But as we know, there is nothing complicated.

How To Make Money On YouTube? how to make money on youtube

Let’s imagine that you are a successful YouTuber. New videos appear on your channel regularly, your videos have thousands views and your channel has a lot of subscribers. And now this is the moment that you’ve been waiting for- partnership proposal from YouTube.

After registration of the partnership, you have the opportunity to monetize your videos. Now you keep doing the same on your channel, but for money. So, the views of your videos start to turn into profits. The important thing is to shot and upload videos, without violating copyright. Besides, you have to use tags related to your video and keep promoting your channel.

When you enter into partnership agreement, your YouTube channel is tied to AdSense -Google’s contextual advertising network. This network helps to place image and text advertising in your video that are suitable for the context. That’s why the chosen tags are very important. Their presence makes it possible to determine the content of your videos, and then find out the preferences of your audience and provide advertising, which is interesting your audience. While the visitor is watching your video, the ads are shown to him and if he clicks on them, you get a certain amount of money.

how to make money on youtubeThe more often your audience will click on advertising banners and watch video ads, the more earnings you will get. YouTube gives you the opportunity to choose the video you want to monetize, and advertising, which will be in these videos. All this is regulated in the channel settings. It should be noted that different ads have different prices.

I hope this information was useful for you. Wish you good luck.

What Is RTB or Real Time Bidding and Why It Is So Important?

To get started, let us define what is RTB or Real-Time Bidding. RTB (Real-time bidding) is a tool, which allows publishers to make online ad auctions. It’s a relatively new technology in the industry of online-advertising, where ad buyers can find the ads they need and offer their price in a real time. Each impression is sold as it becomes available on an advertising exchange platform. RTB


This technology works from 2009. Since then, it has made easier for ad networks to buy only the ad impressions they wanted or needed. Due to RTB or real-time bidding, those who want to buy ads will not have to work with publishers, ad networks directly, or discuss the prices. For using it, of course you will need some instructions. So, first of all the ad impression streams in a user’s Web browser and thus the user is ready for an exchange and decides which is the highest price that he will be able to pay during the auctions. The whole process itself takes some seconds.




By the help of demand-side platform users decide which ad impression to buy and how much to pay for it. The price is determined during the auction based on changing market conditions, that is why it got the name – real-time bidding. Ad Exchange is responsible for holding the auction.

Why RTB is useful?

The bidding process makes sure that each impression will be sold in its maximum price. And after this process is done, they chose the winner and the ad serves on the publisher’s website. Who benefit from Real-time bidding? First, the agencies, it makes more control over the performance of the campaign, besides they get more clients. Advertisers, who no longer will get wasted impressions. And, of course publishers, who get more income from the process, as buyers offer the maximum price.

New DFP Small Business Course – Your Key to Open New Doors

DFP Small Business Course is your key to a FREE OF CHARGE ad management. DFP Small Business Course consults prospering publishers to increase the rate of performance of your advertisement.  One of the reasons why the priority is given to DFP is merely because it is free.Targeted Online Advertising , private digital buying, doubleclick bid manager, doubleclick for advertisers

DFP Small Business Course #Primary steps: DFP Small Business Course

  1. Calculating the ad inventory, i.e. the available ad space you can sell to publishers, is where you start.
  2. Verification of the inventory is your second step. Overload of booking and selling is what one should avoid during this period. Manage and control who can see your ads, making sure those appear precisely the way you intended.


DFP Small Business Course will enhance your gain and profits…

The ad serving empowered by Google promotes your ad’s growth on a reliable basis. The procedure insures high level of performance that lead to new opportunities. DFP is the solution to how to gain profits by managing the level of web traffic. Your aim is to contact directly with the businesses and improve the income rate.


DFP Small Business Course is a robust service covering a wide range of features which makes the procedure a bit abstruse. Getting a Google account may cause some complications because of dealing with a multifunctional and complex system. Incomprehensible errors might hinder your work when you set off the procedure yet it’s just a matter of time before things clear up.

DFP Small Business Course

To be granted the opportunity to actually use the DPF you are obliged to register for Google Ad Sense first. In other words, as a default advertising service Google AdSense is mandatory. Make sure to indicate your Google account when it comes to work with the AdSense which will have a few other steps before application process is complete.




DFP Small Business CourseThe submission of your application and its later approval will occur in a period of few days. After your application is complete and approved you will be able to log in to your Google DPF account.

The difference between the Google Ad Sense and DPF Small Business will be classified in the chart provided by Google.

Note: DFP Small Business is an ad server. Ad Sense is an ad network. DPF, in other words, is a large ad server providing assistance to variety of ad networks and Ad Sense is just one of those networks.

To navigate without facing many difficulties you should keep in mind the four main aspects of DFP Small Business:

  • Orders
  • Inventory
  • Reports

Again, inventory is the space on your website available for sale. DFP takes under account all the free space where ads can be inserted as Ad Units. To keep track of your ad units it is suggested to name them. The names may include the website name, description, etc. DFP also allows clustering your units into Placements according to the content or specific sphere. Those can also have units from more than one site.




DFP Small Business Course

With orders it is quite self-explanatory; the advertisers set orders with you or Google to buy the particular type of advertising on your site. Creatives are all kinds of actual ads created by advertisers to gain attention. Texts, banners and links are examples of “creatives.”

To take orders directly from advertisers you need to sign up companies in the area provided for DFP admin. This business of selling the ad inventory is known as Trafficking. The orders, therefore, are agreement by companies to buy advertisement from your website. Last but not least, Line Items are to show which placement and ad units are being bought. The price, the time period and custom targeting are also defined by the latter. To know how to run ads on your website this is a thorough guideline to where to start and how to proceed.